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Evaluating Your Discomfort

Before determining which physical therapy services you’ll need, we provide a thorough assessment that tells us exactly what to focus on and how many times per week. We also give you exercises to work on while you’re at home.


Corrective Therapy Services

This type of physical therapy focuses on correcting certain areas of your body by strengthening and stabilizing the joint or muscle. In addition to these exercises, we also work on your flexibility and improve your range of motion..


Manual Physical Therapy

To relieve musculoskeletal pain, we provide joint manipulation and other mobilization techniques that help with soft tissue. We can also perform a myofascial release, cupping, dry needling and intramuscular electrical stimulation.


Therapeutic Modalities

We target improved recovery times by offering patients electrical stimulation treatment along with moist heat or ice packs to imrpve the effect. We also offer compression treatment after certain physical therapy sessions.

We Provide Inpatient Physical Therapy Services For

Athletic Injuries

We assist in the evaluation of sports injuries and provide top of the line treatment methods plus access to the state’s best specialists.


We work with your physician or surgeon to come up with a postoperative treatment plan that best suits your needs an capabilities.

Personal & Work Injuries

We provide physical therapy services to patients who’ve been involved in an accident at home or those with claims for workman’s comp.

Aches and Pains

We know that the best form of treatment is prevention. We can help you address minor ailments before they turn into more severe injuries.

It Can Be Disheartening to Know You Need Physical Therapy Services.

We understand that the road to recovery is a difficult process. It takes a lot of determination and perseverance. When you first hear the news that there is a major problem or that you need surgery, it can be a tough pill to swallow. Having gone through a few major surgeries himself, Mark Jagodzinski knows exactly how most of his patients feel. At Rise, our ultimate goal is to make sure you’re comfortable with the treatment plan and the specialists you’re working with. Establishing a personal relationship allows us to encourage you accordingly while motivating you past the disappointment and fear that physical therapy can bring.

Our Physical Therapy Programs..

Start With a Thorough Evaluation

With almost 20 years of experience, Mark Jagodzinski takes pride in treating patients effectively. In order to diagnose accurately, we invest a lot of time into our evaluation process. This allows us to get to the root of the problem and treat the entire body instead of just the symptoms.

Are Evidence Based.

At Rise, we’re not necessarily interested in providing standard treatment methods. Although a number of physical therapists offer standard services, our experience has given us insight on a number of different recovery programs. We provide patients with what works, not what’s easiest for us to administer and manage.

Have Further Questions About Our PT Services?

In order to provide clarity for potential patients, here are some of the frequently asked questions we’ve been asked since opening our doors earlier this year. If you have any additional questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to our front desk!

How Long Does an Appointment Last?

Typically, physical therapy appointments last about an hour but can vary depending on treatment needs. Patients that recently had surgery tend to take a little longer due to precautionary reasons.

Do you have to have insurance to be seen?

Not necessarily. We provide patient pay options for standard evaluations, follow ups and manual therapy. But, in most cases, we require a referral from a specialist to be seen.

Is Physical Therapy a Painful Process?

We move at a pace that takes your pain tolerance into consideration. At the same time, recovering from an injury or addressing pain is going to require you to deal with a little discomfort. The more you’re able to handle the faster the rehabilitation process will go.

How far ahead should I schedule an appointment?

It really depends on how busy we are or how severe your condition is. Rise has been growing over the past few months and we’ve begun to add new members to our team to handle the influx in patients. We recommend that you schedule an initial evaluation if feel like your symptoms are becoming worse. If you’re concerned about something going on in your body, it’s always best to get it checked out sooner than later.

What can I expect from Rise Physical Therapy?

You can expect a staff that genuinely cares about your current state as well as your recovery. We take the time to develop relationships with our patients so we know how to motivate and encourage you throughout the physical therapy process. We go above and beyond with treatment and make sure to follow up with you to see how you’re recovering at home, work or as an athlete.

My Approach

I take pride in treating every patient as an individual and not as a diagnosis. After being a physical therapist for almost 20 years, I’ve been able to analyze different treatment methods while developing my own personal touch.

At Rise, we’re not just treating an injury, we’re focusing on their entire body and how it functions together. By doing so, we’re able to improve the rehabilitation process and prevent injuries from occurring.

How To Get Started

with our physical therapy services

Schedule Evaluation

Determine Your Diagnosis.


Treatment Planning

Frequency of Physical Therapy.


Begin Your Recovery

Set Goals and Get to Work!

The Types of Treatment Options We Provide

Our Physical Therapy Services Include But Aren’t Limited to the Following..

Range of Motion

Improve Your Ability to Move.

Flexibility Therapy

Stretching to Address Limitations.

Muscle Strengthening

Strengthen Surrounding Muscles.

Injury Stabilization

Isolation to Enhance Recovery Time.

Joint Manipulation

Stressing Joints to Create Relief.

Joint Mobilization

Rehabbing Joints With Movement.

Mobilizing Soft Tissue

Relax Muscles and Reduce Scar Tissue.

Myofascial Release

Reduce Pain and Restore Mobility.

Cupping Therapy

Increase Blood Flow to Heal Faster.

Dry Needling

Therapeutic Relief For Muscle Pain.

Electrical Stimulation

Pain Relief and Muscular Re-Education.

Moist Heat Treatment

Penetrate Muscles With Relief.

Cold Pack Treatment

Reduce Pain, Inflammation and Swelling.

Compression Treatment

Rapid Reboot Technology to Heal Faster.

Specialist Referrals

Receive Additional Treatment Options.

Manual Physical Therapy

Our practice offers dry needling and cupping treatment options for retail customers. Each service is billed per 15 minutes and some insurance companies allow you to submit the cost for reimbursement.

Follow Up Appointments

Check in with Mark and his team to analyze your progress and update us on how you’re feeling. A follow up allows us to stay on top of treatment and continue to encourage you to work towards recovery.

Physical Therapy Evaluations

If you have an injury or you’re dealing with pain, you can always come in on your own. Some patients don’t want to wait on a referral or insurance approval and submit costs for reimbursement after paying for an evaluation.


Still Have Questions?