What You Can Expect as a New Patient

When you arrive at our Surprise location, you can expect a warm and friendly greeting from a staff that that genuinely cares about you. At Rise, our guests are treated as individuals and not just patients. We want you to be comfortable in the environment you’re rehabbing in so you can relax and focus on recovery. To give you the space you need, we’ve designed an open floor plan that includes a private evaluation room and a separate waiting area.

Owner Mark Jagodzinski is committed to personal relationships and wants his practice to be a positive experience for patients. “We’re going to manage the whole body and not just symptoms in one area,” Mark says. This type of approach is what he’s always been able to hang his hat on. Whether it’s the state of the art equipment or Mark’s personality and experience, Rise is geared towards the well-being of your “whole body.”

“I’m not a newly graduated 25-year-old. I’ve been doing this for almost 18 years now. When patients come in, I want them to know what they’re getting from clinical experience.” Not only does Mark want to create a family-type atmosphere, he wants to “encourage others to start taking care of themselves.” Understanding people’s situations, lifestyles and personalities allows him to provide the best treatment methods “for the individual.” He says, “It’s the culture that’ll make this thing work.”

Upon Arrival, You’ll Need..

ID and Insurance

We’ll need to verify your identity and solidify your method of payment.

Appropriate Attire

We recommend wearing clothing that you’d be comfortable working out in.

Motivated Mindset

We encourage you to come in ready to work towards your recovery!

New Patient Requests

Intake Forms

Patient Resources and Links


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