Since opening up for patients in 2017, Rise OSPT has become one of the fastest growing physical therapy clinics in West Phoenix. Mark Jagodzinski’s commitment to treating patients as people and not just a number has played a big role in this growth spurt. While starting a new business in a developing market can be a daunting task, his consistent approach allowed him to surpass all of the growth expectations and goals he had for Rise in its first year. As you may know, when success occurs, expansion is inevitable.

At the same time, Mark isn’t necessarily interested in overseeing multiple locations across Phoenix. The Rise approach to running a small, therapist-owned private clinic (in the presence of multiple corporate entities) mirrors that of their focus on patient care. If his patient’s don’t have access to quality PT’s then what’s the point of expanding the practice? Making quick hires and chasing patient volume or revenue isn’t the primary focus at Rise OSPT. Mark simply wants to establish an atmosphere that’s genuine, trustworthy and effective. Adding quality physical therapists that hold themselves to a high standard will eventually help him build the cohesive culture he envisions. The most important thing for Mark is to simply show his patients what quality care should look like.

With that being said, we’d like to welcome Shea Campbell into our family of providers at Rise OSPT in Surprise, Arizona.


Knowing what you can expect from the first major hire is a tremendous blessing for any business – especially in the medical industry. After working with Mark in the past, Shea is eager to turn back the time and revive the care-centric environment they once shared. Like Mark, he takes pride in developing personal relationships with patients and helping them make the most of their physical therapy sessions. By treating the entire body and not just patient symptoms, Shea has developed a reputation in Surprise and brings an extensive amount of knowledge and experience to the practice. As you can probably tell, we’re very excited to have him on our staff.

More About Shea Campbell

Although Shea is originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, he actually grew up an Arizonan. After spending a good part of the last decade at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in 2012 and his Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2015. Instead of returning to the north after graduation, he decided to head a few miles south to follow an opportunity as a physical therapist in Surprise, Arizona. He’s been in West Phoenix ever since and has continued to develop his clinical skills in functional movement, joint manipulation, and sports-specific training. Over the years, Shea has mastered a number of therapeutic techniques that compliment our approach at Rise. His experience is comprised of orthopedics, post-surgical care, neuro rehabilitation, sports injury, and geriatric care.


In his personal life, Shea has a special interest in ice hockey and enjoys watching and participating in mixed martial arts when he’s outside of the clinic. But for the most part, you’ll be able to find him with his wife Amy and their two daughters, Isla and Evie. Like Mark, he also has a house full of girls – but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

You Can Be a Part of Our Growing Culture at Rise!

If you’re in the neighborhood, feel free to stop by our physical therapy clinic to welcome to Shea to the family. If you’re a former patient of his, then you’re always welcome to join him at Rise. You can fill out a contact form or give us a call to learn more about our intake process and scheduling. From state of the art equipment to a caring staff, we have everything you could want and need in Surprise, Arizona. As we continue to grow, we look forward to announcing more talented additions to our staff. If you’re striving to be a physical therapist in Surprise or you’d like an opportunity to work with us in the future, feel free to drop off a resume and we’ll touch base with you when the time comes.




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